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Ductwork Repair for Greenville, Spartanburg & Surrounding Areas

If you are like most homeowners and commercial property owners in Greenville, Spartanburg & surrounding areas, you don’t often think about your air ducts. Out of sight truly means out of mind. However, even though you don’t see them, your ducts are playing an integral role in the health and efficiency of your HVAC system. If they are in good repair, they can help the performance and longevity of your unit. But if there are problems, you will feel them.

Thankfully, Bentley’s Heating & Air is here to handle all your ductwork repair needs. We have three generations of HVAC service expertise under our tool belts, and we are eager to put our knowledge to work for you.

Learn more about a few of the signs that ductwork repair is needed below. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you have any of these signs.

man installing HVAC ducts

Signs You Need Ductwork Repair

  • You spot dents or punctures in the ducts. This is the easiest to detect. If you can see dents or punctures in the ducts, they need to be fixed.
  • Airflow is restricted or nonexistent. Another sign that you have a problem with your ducts is a restriction or lack of climate-controlled air in one or more rooms. If everything is all right with the heater or air conditioner, the next thing to examine would be the ducts.
  • Airflow is generally poor. If you’re experiencing problems with airflow throughout the property, your ducts could be the culprit. We can use the process of elimination to make sure that the problem isn’t with your heater, air conditioner, furniture in front of air registers, etc.
  • You smell strange odors coming from the ducts. Odd odors could mean that your system has an electrical problem, but mold growth or another problem with the ducts is more likely.
  • If crawl space is much cooler or hotter than the house.
  • If you find excessive moisture inside the home, or on vents.

If you spot any of the signs above, it’s time to call Bentley’s Heating & Air for ductwork repair. Even if the problem isn’t specifically with your ducts, you’ll need to call a trusted HVAC contractor to get your system running the way it should be. We can handle the job! Give us a call when you need us.

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