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Check Out Our Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

If you’re looking for an HVAC contractor in Greenville, Spartanburg & surrounding areas, Bentley’s Heating & Air is the company you can trust. Don’t just take our word for it — see what past clients have to say about our HVAC services!

You installed a new Trane HVAC system for me last March and I was very pleased with the price, equipment, and installation crew. Thursday, I had you back to start spring and fall checkups, and was so pleased with the service that I wanted to tell you personally. Robbie is friendly, professional, and the best tech I have had at my house for any kind of service ever. He thoroughly checked the system, found a fitting in the vent system that was not properly glued, brought it to my attention, and was back on Friday to repair the joint. I doubt this would not have been found, or at least ignored, by most techs, especially since the repair was warranty work. I have recommended you in the past and have already spread the word about my experience this week.

Mike J.

Great company and great service! They gave me a few options and fully explained the benefits of each one. I'd highly recommend you give them a shout.

Lee V.

Great service! Great people! Would definitely use again!

Ben P.

Great service! Came out the same day and fixed the problem on the spot! Didn't try to sell more than was needed and even cleaned our A/C units when finished!

Jeff C.

Bentley's Heating and Air recently installed a new HVAC heat pump, and also a new water heater for my home. From the beginning Mike Bentley explained everything to me and was always available to take my calls immediately. He and his staff were extremely helpful each time I contacted them. The day of installation, Mike was here along with a crew of 4 others. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. Travis was also very courteous, answering my questions too. I highly recommend Bentley's Heating and Air for new systems, or future maintenance work.

Linda C.

Had Bentley's install a replacement Trane package unit, couldn't ask for better service and support. They did a great, efficient, professional job.

Kem L.

Mike Bentley and his crew were very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.

Justin M.

Wonderful company, wonderful staff very quick responds and nice and friendly environment available 24/7 for your needs highly recommended.

Karen M.

As a retired marketing/ad guy I spent most of my career worrying about product and customer satisfaction. Seldom have I found a company/product/vendor as committed to customer satisfaction as Mike Bentley and his crew. Outstanding response and service; way beyond anything in my normal experience. Started with a new AC/heat pump. They were the low bid out of four.... thousands less than the high bid. They installed a new Honeywell thermostat that had just been released. This thermostat had problems and Mike, himself, spent about five hours trying to get it to work. When it couldn't be fixed he contacted Honeywell, who not only replaced it with a proven and more expensive product, they hired him, as an expert, to report on the product problems. Called him the other day to get a recommendation on a plumber to replace water heater and he surprised me when he said he could replace. Once again he was the low bid... more than $500 less than the high bid. Installing tomorrow. Also, asked for an electrician recommendation and he recommended another winner. Can't say enough. Don't look for a new AC or heat pump without contacting them. FIVE STARS!

Mike W.

Middle of July, temps reaching almost 100, come home from work on a Monday to no AC. I have a home warranty so they sent out a company three days(!!!!) later. Jump to Thursday - The guy comes in for literally 2 minutes and says "Oh, it's frozen so I'll have to come back but our next appointment isn't until Monday." I wanted to cry in my 87 degree house standing in front of a fan that was blowing hot air. I figured out that my warranty would only pay for $10/pound of Freon. So, I did what any woman standing in her living room sweating, throwing an adult temper tantrum and trying to keep a dog cool would do, said screw it, I'm paying whatever I have to pay. I googled AC near Taylors and Bentley Heating and Air was the first one that popped up. I'm a review reading nut but who has time for that when it's 51754 degrees outside and even hotter inside - thank you humidity. I called and they said they can come out tomorrow (Friday). Perfect. Only one more day, I can do this. Then a few hours later at almost 5pm I get a call from one of the sweet girls in the office saying that one of their techs has some availability tonight. I said well, the other guy said it has to be off to unfreeze (I don't know if that is the proper AC term, go with it) for 24 hours. She insists that she will send someone out now and if it's not, they can just come back tomorrow. The tech showed up at 5:30 and immediately got to work. Turns out, it wasn't frozen. It was something in the motor that he was able to fix within 30 minutes. I walked into my home and heard that glorious sound of AC and I wanted to kiss the man, I was so happy! Long story short, not only did they save me a ton of money, they also heard that desperation in my voice and made the point to reach back out for an earlier time. Wonderful company, wonderful people. My warranty is out the window as far as I'm concerned, I will ONLY be calling Bentley Heating and Air here on out.

Meghan O.

Bentley's Heating & Air responded to my call and came out very quickly to assess and fix the problem I was having. Very friendly people with very competitive prices. Would highly recommend them for any HVAC work needed.

Mitchell J.

Local business which lived up to my expectations. All work done to my satisfaction and on time. Good experience!

Jerry H.

Great people that are truly friendly, listen to your issues, knowledgeable, & customer-oriented.

Scott D.

Great service! Came out the same day and fixed the problem on the spot! Didn't try to sell more than was needed and even cleaned our A/C units when finished!

Jeffrey C.

A/C unit went out and had to be replaced in SUMMER! Bentley's was out, reviewed the issue and gave us a terrific price and installation of a new unit within three days after the initial call. Thanks and we'll be back if needed!

Leta K.

Have used Bentleys for years and couldn't be more pleased. Prompt service in an emergency and for routine maintenance. Great folks with which to do business!!!

Gene M.

Had our two units serviced and adjusted for winter. Another great job by Bentley's service technician. Now we are prepared for the colder months ahead.

Patricia M.

Melvin & the team at Bentley’s did EXACTLY what they quoted, when they promised, with no surprises; our family couldn’t be happier. The team was very professional and had the most competitive pricing for a consumer reports well-rated brand, Rheem, of the 5 companies we had quote a new HVAC unit.
They were exact and transparent with their quotes and didn’t skip any details when it came time to install.
They offered a strong warranty without any silly annual warranty fees and even completed all of the paperwork on our behalf.
I would definitely use Bentley’s again!

Katy R.

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