Avoid Expensive Repairs With Our
Preventative Maintenance Agreement

With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your comfort system. We also offer annual service agreements, which can reduce the cost of a Performance Tune-Up.

Regular maintenance will:

• Provide longer lasting equipment • Reduce utility bills • Reduce repairs 
• Provide a more comfortable indoor environment • Protect your investment

What we do during a Performance Tune-Up:

• Energy-saving thermostat existing?
• Batteries replaced (homeowner supplied)?
• Thermostat mounted firmly to wait?
• Program set to client’s needs?
• Answer all questions about features on their thermostat?

• Tighten wire connections
• Condition of start assist device
• Test defrost timer operation
• Check condition of coil fins
• Check for Freon leaks
• O-ring Schrader caps installed?
• Condition of electrical disconnect?
• Tighten lugs in disconnect and circuit breaker
• Verify proper circuit breaker size to nameplate
• Verify proper wire size to unit
• Low voltage wire condition
• Condensing unit is level
• Shrubs are cut back from unit?
• Line set is insulated to condensing unit?
• Install sticker on outdoor unit

• Show cleanliness of ductwork
• Supply ducts insulated?
• Are the boots sealed to the floor?
• Overall condition of the ductwork?
• Duct is properly strapped up and connected?
• Return FG size min. 140 sq. in. per ton?
• Return duct insulated?
• Platform return needs sealed?
• Ductwork sealed to less than 15% leakage?

• Return static pressure
• Supply static pressure
• Evaporator coil cleaning needed?
• Inspect start collar seal at plenum
• Inspect blower cabinet insulation
• Inspect blower wheel cleanliness
• Inspect all electrical
• Check circuit board for burn marks
• Check blower wheel bearings
• TXV bulb mounted @10 or 2?
• Inspect for signs of refrigerant leaks
• Primary drain ran to daylight?
• Secondary drain ran properly?
• Check condensate pump
• Inspect drain safety switch
• All screws replaced in cabinet?
• Measure temp rise
• Adjust gas pressure
• Check limit switches and mounts
• Check burner crossover ports
• Vacuum furnace area and burners
• Clean combustion air vent screen
• Inspect heat exchanger
• Check hoses for cracks & wear
• Check pressure switch
• Check for proper flue rise
• Measure flue clearances
• Inspect PVD for leaks, etc.
• Test gas connections for leaks
• Any flammables near furnace?
• Check for proper ignition
• Run furnace in all stages
• Test gas shut off operation
• Carbon Monoxide detector installed?
• Surge protection installed?
• UV germicidal lamp needed?
• Clean / wax outside of the furnace
• Filter change / clean (standard size or club)
• Install sticker on front of furnace
• Show owner post operation of furnace

  • Industry certified, trained technicians performing all tune-ups.
  • Maintenance agreements that automatically schedule and reduce the cost or routine maintenance records of all maintenance schedules to prevent voiding manufacturer's warranties.
  • Fully stocked mobile service and maintenance vehicles to eliminate delays and keep you comfortable all year round.
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